• When and how will the first development project be launched? Details about the first development project will be announced on June 2022. The launch of the project will be done shortly after the Intelly platform launch in July 2022.

  • How will I sell my real-estate NFT? Investors will be able to sell their tokens on the Intelly Exchange.

  • How can I buy a real-estate NFT? Option A: You can acquire tokens by investing with INTL on the Intelly platform. Option B: Investors will be able to buy/sell tokens on the Intelly NFT Exchange.

  • Why are Intelly investment options so profitable? In real estate as the investment size gets larger the profitability of the investment exponentially increases. By combining the funding capacity of the ıntelly community we allow for small ticket size large investments to be possible. This allows Intelly investors to get unique returns of up to %20 on their real estate investment. Learn more on YouTube:

  • How does Intelly’s Fractionalized NFT work? Fractionalized-NFT are created by locking an NFT into a smart contract. After the NFT has been securely locked in the contract, it gets fractionalized into small pieces. Those Pieces of the NFT are now the fractionalized-NFT’s. The only way of getting the NFT out of the contracts is to accumulate all fractionalized-NFTs. Learn more on YouTube:

  • How long does an investment take? The investing process on the Intelly Platform is almost instant, thanks to the blockchain and F-NFT technologies. However, payout periods/dates vary from investment to investment. This can take from months to years depending on the project. This is due to the fact that different development projects have different completion dates. Whilst purchasing or selling an F-NFT which is already listed on the Intelly Exchange, the transaction of ownership is almost instant. However, payout date for rental income or profit distribution will vary depending on the F-NFT you have purchased. Learn more on YouTube:

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