Intelly Exchange

  • What is the Intelly Exchange? The Intelly Exchange is a liquid real estate market, where F-NTF's are priced by the market, based on the profitability of the underlying assets. Investors will be able to buy and sell their F-NFT on the Intelly Exchange.

  • How does the Intelly Exchange operate? On the Intelly Exchange, projects will be listed which are tokenized via F-NFT’s, investors will be able to switch from any real estate investment to another in a few seconds. For example, from a tourism-based investment like a hotel to a more stable investment like an apartment complex or a logistic-based investment like a warehouse or a luxury yacht marina. This grants investors great flexibility while investing. This is made possible by Intelly’s F-NFT infrastructure, and the high liquidity of the real estate market that intelly creates. Learn more on YouTube

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