Intelly Token (INTL)

General ınformation

  • What happens if i lose my INTL or wallet? The nature of cryptocurrencies expect you to keep your wallet safe at all times. Lost tokens or lost access to the wallet without your phrases will cause an irreversible loss.

  • Is INTL mintable? No, INTL is not a mintable token.

  • Is INTL mineable? No, INTL is not a mineable token.

  • Does INTL have a burn feature? Yes, INTL has a burn feature.

  • Does Intelly have deflationary factors? Yes, Intelly has several properties that stimulate deflation. %1 of the fees collected on the Intelly platform which will be withdrawn from the market and added to the reserve. Thus, there will be an accelerating deflation parallel to the Intelly Platform value. This philosophy will also be integrated into the Intelly Exchange and Credit System. For more details on other deflationary features like the burn feature, you can look for further information on the whitepaper.

  • When will I be able to see INTL listed on a major exchange? Intelly plans to list INTL on an exchange in Q3, 2022 and on a major exchange in Q1, 2023.

  • How will I get my profit from a development project? Investors may choose to be paid either in USD stable coin or receive an F-NFT tied to the developed project. The F-NFT feature will be integrated after the launch of the Intelly Exchange.

  • How will I get my profit from a real-estate NFT? Option A: Profits generated by the projects will be distributed to the related token holders in USD stable coin via airdrop. Option B: Token holders can sell their tokens on the Intelly Exchange.

More Details

  • How to use the Intelly Token? The Intelly token (INTL) is used for investments on the Intelly platform. In order to use INTL, an investor must first purchase the desired amount of tokens from the exchange. After transferring the INTL tokens to your crypto wallet, then you will be able to make investments on the Intelly platform using your Intelly tokens. The Intelly Platform is the innovative way to obtain real estate profitability with various investment possibilities, and INTL tokens are the key for investing in the Intelly platform.

More Details

  • How to secure your Intelly tokens? After purchasing and storing your INTL tokens, we recommend you to keep you wallet as safe as possible. Lost tokens or lost assets to the wallet without your phrases will sadly cause an irreversible loss. Make sure you complete the 12-word phrase selection and do not share your private key with anyone. You can also use a cold storage or a ledger to improve security.

  • How to send INTL? Before sending INTL, make sure you have the required amount of BNB in your account. The gas fees are paid with BNB, so it is vastly important to always store some in your account for transactions.

  • How to store INTL? A cryptocurrency wallet is a software program which allows investors to store their crypto and allow them to send and receive crypto transactions. Your Intelly tokens will be stored in your own wallet. For safety, we strongly suggest that you protect your wallet consistently.

  • How can you invest with INTL? Intelly will list developments of its own or by companies Intelly collaborates with. Project gets evaluated by intelly’s specialized team, and then gets published on the Platform. Investors using the platform may choose any project of their liking to invest in, The investors can get payback either in USD stable coin, Or receive a fraction of an NFT regarding the project, and hold the token for rental and sales profit purposes. The payback type of the project will be pre-described on the platform. On the intelly platform, investments are priced in USD and done via the INTL Token.

  • INTL Token Vesting

    20% of the total supply has been locked, including founders, teams, and advisor tokens. There will be 3 releases. First on December 2022 32,5%, second on June 2023 32,5% and third on December 2023 35%

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