Intelly Reward Program

*Formerly known as the Wealth Funds

  • What is the Intelly Reward Program? The Intelly Reward Program has been created to share profitability with INTL holders, who are not participating in any investment opportunity on the Intelly Platform. This enables holders to get a share of real estate’s profitability without the burden of settling on a specific investment. Due to the fact that the Intelly Reward Program has a large investment portfolio spread across the globe and different real-estate-related industries, it minimizes the risk by spreading out the locations and industries all across the world.

  • How does the Intelly Reward Program operate? %3 of the revenue generated on the Intelly Platform is invested in the Intelly Reward Program. The funds will be re-invested by the Intelly Reward Program in real estate and financial investments all around the globe. This allows for risk minimization because the Intelly Reward Program is not bound to the risks of a specific asset, or geographic restraints. Half of the profit generated by the Intelly Reward Program is re-invested while the other half is distributed to INTL token Holders via airdrop.

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